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Service tendency
Service tendency
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Heilongjiang branch of People's Bank of China provides comprehensive credit line of 4 billion... 08-11-10
CFHI signed the biggest export order ever in the history 08-11-04
CFHI and Siemens VAI Agree on Strategic Cooperation 08-06-11
CFHI signed 5.5m Heavy Plate Mill Export Order with POSCO in Dalian 08-02-04
The First Ethylene Oxide Reactor Made in China Manufacturing Contract Signing 07-10-12
CFHI and Siemens VAI signed on the 3.5m Steckle mill export contract to Mexico 07-09-13
The First Lot Parts Belong to 2250 Mill Export to India Left CFHI Factory 07-06-29
Presenting and Receiving Plaque Ceremony for Advanced Delivery of Baosteel 1750 mm 5 Stand... 07-05-25
Award Ceremony of RPV Unit 1 for Liaoning HongYanhe Nuclear Power Station held in CFHI 07-01-01
Six types of rolling mills filled the blanks in China 06-12-20
ESP Line Equipment Contract Signed by CFHI and Arvedi Co. 06-11-13
The establishment and signing ceremony held in Beijing for Tianjin C-E Electrical Automation Co.... 06-10-08
Mr. Zhao Lixin Attend the 4100mm Mill Housing Enter the Factory Ceremony at Wuyang Iron & Steel ... 06-09-07
The worldwide largest integrated steel casting was successfully poured in CFHI 06-07-28
Largest Reactor made by CFHI in the world and Mounted in Shenhua 06-06-19
Qin Shan Nuclear Power Station blanks preparation successfully fininshed in CFHI 06-05-29
Angang 2130 cold tandem rolling mill successfully realized once through test run 06-04-26
CFHI will make the largest mining shovel in China 06-02-10
CFHI will make the largest mining shovel in China 06-02-09
CFHI may fulfill the 1st cooperation with CNOOC 05-09-02
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