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Mind Identity
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The Prospect
With continuous efforts, CFHI will become the modern company group with social respect, international leading technologies and proud employees as well as the reliant products for the customers.

The Goal
Provide equipments and services for state-of-the-art industries.
CFHI have been constantly pursuing its goal for providing key equipments for the development of the global modernized industries all along,
Returning the users with preciseness, advanced design, feasible process and first-class quality in order to keep itself growing in steady pace and create the best value for the State and the employee.

The spirit
Be united in faith and dedication   
Spell in brawny way   
Seek truthfulness and endeavor of reality   
Pioneering and innovative solution 

Quality Assurance Policy 
Intensifying processing Control     
Sustaining Improvement    
First-Class Quality   
Customer Satisfying 

Service Conception
The ultimate goal is all depends on the user’s satisfaction.    
The final evaluation is all depends on the user’s credit standing. 

China First Heavy Industries will create a splendid future with you!  
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