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New Year’s Address - Concentrate Dreams on a New Journey
Make time:2018-01-01

New Year’s Address - Concentrate Dreams on a New Journey

New Year’s Address of CFHI - 2018

Secretary of the party committee chairman - Liu Mingzhong

Along with the everlasting sun, moon and running rivers, we bathing the first ray of sunshine in the new years day, bid farewell to yesterday and forge ahead in 2018. On this occasion, on behalf of the party committee and the board of directors of CFHI Group, I would like to express my sincere thanks and best wishes to all cadres and workers, superior organizations, leaders at all levels, friends and investors from all walks of life, retired comrades and families of employees, I wish you all a happy new year, a good health, a progressive career, and a happy family!

In 2017, under the firm leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, guided by the new concept, new thought and new strategy of governing the country of General Secretary Xi Jinping, we strictly implemented the work arrangements of the General Organization Department and the SASAC, unswervingly implemented the new development concept, made every endeavor to break the difficulties of development, and gathered strength to seek the way of revitalization. Eventually, we successfully achieved the annual objective - 212119, handed over a satisfied answer to the Party Central Committee and the State Council, cadres and workers, as well as the investors. Reviewing the achievements on this renewing occasion, the course for CFHI employees to fight together in 2017 is unforgettable.

In 2017, CFHI strove to explore the way of revitalizing. With substantial support from the superior departments and governments at all levels, grateful to the in-depth communication and cooperation from the upstream and downstream industrial chains, along with the firm footsteps of the marketing personnel represented by the leading group members, in 365 days and nights accompanied by bubbling molten steel, splashing electrical sparkle and roaring of the machines, more than 8600 cadres and workers worked hard, a series of victories was achieved, the situation of continuous loss was turned around, a new path for CFHI to rebirth and revitalize has been explored.

In 2017, CFHI strove for reform and innovation. We made dynamic blueprint, further promoted reform and innovation, and got successive achievements; continuously optimized industrialproduct structure, expanded industry field and improving product quality, integratively developed the old and new business segments; vigorously promoted scientific and technological innovation, successively produced the worlds first Hualong No.1 - Fuqing No.5 Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel and other three key products and filled in the blanks of China; continuously strengthen the three system reformations, opened four career development path, put forward excellent personnel with the sense of responsibility, capable of making outstanding achievements, skillful in making achievements, and have the courage to make achievements to the major positions through open recruitment.

In 2017, CFHI consolidated the foundation and molded the spirit, gathered strength for development. We adhered to and reinforced the Partys leadership, enforced the execution of disciplines and the accountability system, strengthened the leading role of the party committee and bastion role of the primary party organization; put innovation and entrepreneurship carrier into practice, enlivened the cultural atmosphere, fully converged the power to overcome difficulties; actively fulfilled the duty of a central enterprise, taken targeted poverty alleviation, helped Si county of Anhui province marching toward overall well-off; refined 225 management innovation system, rigidly implemented comprehensive budget and further improved management level; innovated institutional mechanisms, completed the company reformation and gradually improved the modern enterprise system; implemented youth training plan, training the after 85s in batches, laid the foundation of talents.

Leave achievements and glories to history, we standing on a higher new starting point to look ahead in 2018, looking forward to the opportunities and hopes in the future, we will resolutely carry out the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, take Xi Jinpings Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as guidelines, implement the deployment of the Central Economic Working Conference and the Conference of Head of Central Enterprise, keep emancipating the mind, reforming and innovating, taking actions, rejuvenating and developing, and firmly grasp the main work of deepening supply-side structural reform, make full use of two markets, two resources, multiple platforms and types of talents to win in the tough fight against work style construction, risk prevention and shake off poverty for development, work together to achieve a high quality development and make CFHI stronger, better and larger.

We built our dream and stayed true to the mission for more than 60 years, gone through difficulties without changing our mind. Today, when facing the important period in which CFHI is under overall revitalization and development, we will unite closely around the party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, keep our mission in mind, proceeding and struggling to meet our longing for a better life!

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