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World’s Biggest Petrochemical Technical Equipment - Residual Oil Ebullated Bed Hydrogenation Reactor of Forge-Welded Construction for Sinopec Zhenhai Was Fabricated and Successfully Delivered from CFHI
Make time:2018-05-04

Apr. 11, 2018, the worlds biggest petrochemical technical equipment made by CFHI, i.e. residual oil ebullated bed hydrogenation reactor of forge-welded construction for Sinopec Zhenhai was fabricated and successfully delivered from CFHI Dalian Nuclear Power & Petrochemical Company. It marks China became the leader for manufacturing technology of supper-tonnage petrochemical equipment again.

The residual oil ebullated bed hydrogenation reactor of forge-welded construction is the core equipment of improvement and update project with 2,600,000 tons of annual production for Sinopec Zhenhai Refinery & Chemical Company. After the project is completed and put into operation, can increase the conversion of residual oil as maximum, reduce the production load of delayed coking, and improve the production efficiency. The reactor shell weight reaches 2400t, the shell diameter is nearly 5m, the wall thickness of shell is more than 300mm, the shell length is approximately 70m.

The ebullated bed is other than the conventional fixed bed reactor, the difficulties are the complex of assembly process, the high precision of machining and the very hard manufacturing of the reactor internals. During production, the technical personnel successively overcame a number of tough problems such as over length and over weight of reactor, integral heat treatment and radiographic inspection. Its successful fabrication not only enhance the professional production capacity, innovation ability and core competitive force, but also refresh our countrys research and development achievement of supper-tonnage reactor of forge-welded construction once again.

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