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Metallurgical complete set equipment:

CFHI is capable to design and manufacture the full process flow equipment for steel industry and has become the largest equipment supplier for the steel industry in China and the largest metallurgical equipment manufacturing enterprise in the world. CFHI has the EPC and Turnkey capability for the metallurgical projects.

CFHI has manufactured the 5.5m wide heavy plate rolling mill which have the biggest size, most advanced technology and most powerful rolling force in the world for Anshan Steel (China) and POSCO (Korea) .

The "Anshansteel 1780mm large-scale wide strip tandem cold rolling mill" was awarded the first prize for Science and Technology Advancement in 2006 and the "Anshan Steel 2150mm hot strip rolling mill" was awarded the second prize for Science and Technology Advancement in 2009.

Nuclear power Equipment:

Nuclear power as the important new energy is concerned with the national economic life lines. CFHI takes the manufacturing of nuclear power equipment as her mission and developed and is the first enterprise who manufactured the nuclear power equipment successfully and is the largest supplier of nuclear power forgings and nuclear reactor pressure vessels in China. CFHI has developed the forgings for the primary loop equipment for the Second Generation plus and the Third Generation reactor island and is the first company who was successfully surveyed and certified by the third party; now has achieved the manufacturing capacity of 10 units RPV annually. Simultaneously CFHI has achieved the breakthrough in the development of steam generator and reactor internals and has the capability of 5 units per year.

Heavy Pressure Vessel:

CFHI is the largest heavy pressure vessel manufacturer in the world and is the first enterprise who breaks the technical barrier of foreign companies and produced the forging-welding hot wall hydrogenation reactor in China. The products of pressure vessels manufactured by CFHI have been supplied to all the domestic oil refining bases of CNPC, SINOPECand CNOOC and have taken the majority of the market share in China. The research and development of the material and manufacturing technologies for the heavy pressure vessel in CFHI have reached world class level. CFHI has manufactured the largest 2044ton coal liquefaction reactor and 1600 ton hydrogenation cracking reactor in the world successfully.  The "400 ton forging-welding structural hot wall hydrogenation reactor ” was awarded the first prize for Science and Technology Advancement. Now CFHI has expanded the product fields and developed the large shell-tube type heat exchanger and EO reactor etc chemical pressure vessels and has the EPC capability of coal gasification projects.

Large castings and forgings:

CFHI is the most important manufacturer of castings and forgings in China and has the world class large steel casting and forging base, which is capable to produce molten steel 500 000 tons annual and output 240 000ton forgings and 60 000ton steel casting annually. CFHI has achieved the significant breakthrough in the development of large steel castings and forgings for the thermal and hydro power plants, especially the supercritical and ultra supercritical high and medium pressure rotors and the super pure lower pressure rotor for the thermal power plant have been in series production; the Runner Crown, Blade and Band etc large stainless steel castings have been installed in the Three Gorges Hydro Power Plant and the semi build marine crank throw has been developed and industrialized successfully.

Heavy Forging Equipment:

CFHI has designed and manufactured the largest 12500 ton open die hydraulic forging press, 30000 ton die forging press and 15000 ton open die hydraulic forging press in China. The 5000 ton series mechanical presses have been supplied to FAW, DFMC, JAC etc. Presently, CFHI has developed the servo press and multiple spot forming press etc new products successfully.

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