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CFHI always gives close attention to competent personnel jobs, implements the strategy of "Talents strengthen the enterprise", takes enhancing the talents team construction in all respects and constantly improving the enterprise's operation achievements as the important measures for carrying out the important thought of Three Represents and thoroughly applying the Scientific Outlook of Development, follows the guidance of comments and requirements about the talents team construction of enterprise issued by state, provincialandthemunicipalgovernment, as well as the meeting spirit and work deployment of talents work conference, CFHI focuses on improving enterprise's strategic development ability and modern operation management level, it is aimed at elevating enterprise's market competitiveness, breaks through by bringing in overseas talents, enhances the all kinds of talents team construction in all-round, emphasizes the systematicality, continuity and pertinence of introduction, cultivation, excitation and utilization for talents all the time, it provides solid talents guarantee and intelligence support for the strategic development of enterprise.

On the aspect of introducing graduates from institution of higher education, technical secondary school and technical school, CFHI established various recruitment principles and conditions for employment units in different regions according to the need of inter-regional development, gradually standardized the recruitment work flows, guaranteed the quality and level of employed personnels. Since 2007, CFHI had recruited 1341 graduates from colleges and universities, technical school, of which there are 319 masters, doctors and 396 graduates from key universities and colleges. 123 on the job professional talents in urgent need have been brought in. Specially confronted with the declinning employment market caused by financial crisis happened in 2009, CFHI recruited 72 undergraduates and 65 junior college students for the first time, arranged them to work as the technical workers such as machining, welding and NDT test occupations etc., changed the technique ability structure. At present, CFHI has established a talents team with senior and middle management personnel as core, senior technical talents as backbone, senior skilled workers as main part, which consists of reasonable structure, professional allocation and sufficient reserve force.

On the aspect of bringing in overseas talents, in order to undertake the research and manufacturing task of large scale casting and forging required by national key construction projects, fasten the adjustment pace of product structure, continuously cement and improve the technology advantage as well as brand advantage played by enterprise in the field of energy equipment material and whole sets of equipment of nuclear power, CFHI Party committee, headquarter paid high attention to the introduction of overseas talents work, established "Overseas talents introduction group" led by Wu Shengfu, General Manager, Chairman of Board of CFHI, responsible for the organization, leadership, plan and coordination, until December of 2010, CFHI had successfully introduced into 15 overseas talents (2 persons have been selected in "program of global experts", 2 persons will apply the 6th "program of global experts"), and 9 overseas talents are preparing to join in CFHI, 30 personnels reserve talents are confirmed to be introduced into.

Recent years, the talents team has been developing and constructing steadily and fast, specially in recent two years, the introduction of overseas talents had achieved historic breakthrough, the performance, ability and knowledge structure of the whole team in CFHI has been improved obviously, the core competitiveness of CFHI has been strengthened greatly, accomplished the task of maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets values. Subsequently CFHI will follow the development target of "Building the large scale and heavy technological equipment supplier with international famous brand, with core manufacturing ability", implement the strategy of "Talents strengthen the enterprise", furthermore enhance the introduction from overseas talents and graduates from key college and universities, cultivate a talents team which carry out "Scientific Outlook of Development", in possession of higher performance and ability, make more contributions to the implement of new development of equipment manufacturing industry and a new round revival of Northeast old industrial base strategy.


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