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Incentive Mechanisms
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By the continuous innovation of compete personnels incentive mechanisms, CFHI established talents incentive system with its own characteristics, which is "Three crosswise, three lengthwise". “Three crosswise” means the positions should be divided into three categories: management, technology and skill; “Three lengthwise” is that to establish CFHI outstanding contribution experts, CFHI outstanding talents, outstanding talents through public appraisal from functional department and subcompany (business department), which is according to the accomplishment, achievement and the degree of actual contributions. Developed the work such as issue "Enterprise special contribution annuity", application of the special allowancefrom the governmentand various technical prize, fully demonstrated the value of excellent talents based on material award.

CFHI continuously deepens the reform of three systems, great priority is given to critical position such as management, technical and production, the living conditions of staffs got substantially change while the income increased greatly. In 2008, CFHI added enterprise welfare projects, executed enterprise annuity, inspired the work enthusiasm of all kinds of talents by improving the welfare of staffs. Meanwhile, CFHI provided the career development platform for all kinds of talents on the selection and appointment of talents, selected through competitive selection for the vacancy of vice section and above or the personnel wanted to be promoted; the personnels selection for the vacancy of functional department, by public vote; the personnels selection for out of headquarter units management and special technology vacancy, will be selected inside of the enterprise by public vote; exerts the advantage of professional skill grade qualification station (institute) of national level, actively creates the benefit conditions for the choose through public appraisal about senior technician, technician. The construction of multi-level, multi-channel career development actively mobilized the initiativeness and enthusiasm of work for talents, promoted the development of all kinds of talents in all-round.

By a great variety of study and education activity, CFHI continuously enhanced the cultivation of internal talents, guided all kinds of talents to proceed with their faith, definited the pursue of life and orientation of values, fostered the thought and concept of serving the enterprise's development. CFHI also demonstrates the advanced deeds and typical cases about the excellent talents, propagandized and demonstrated through meeting, newspaper, show window, it made there is behaviour standard for the talents to follow, model for the talents to learn, enhanced the self-motivation, sense of responsibility and mission about work. The new introduced graduates or those with higher degree, will be assigned to work and practice at the grass roots positions, to learn more knowledge and grasp about the enterprise's production, process and management at the same promoted the combination of theory and practice, provided a good foundation for the career development. For these personnels who work at important management, technical and skill position, each year about 400 personnels will be selected to attend the technical training hosted by other special organization, about 200 personnels will be selected to attend aboard training and academic exchange, technology investigation, and developed internal training according to the need of all kinds of talents, improved the synthesize performance and ability. Meanwhile, CFHI moved technical, R&D, sales departments to the developed area such as Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai, fully played the region advantage and economic advantage, based on the present talents team, broke through the "bottleneck " of excellent graduates are difficult to be introduced from key colleges and universities, the master and doctor graduates from the colleges and universities came to CFHI on their own initiative changed the old situation of difficult to recruit, it provided a broaden selection room to satisfy the talents needs for future development in the enterprise, gave an impulse to the implement of CFHI "Talents strengthen the enterprise"strategy.

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