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Post Doctoral Station
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In order to cultivate talent of high level and promote the post doctoral doctor cause in China, CFHI Post Doctoral Research Station was establish in December 1999 by the approval of the Ministry of Personnel and provincial personnel department. The Station was formally installed in March 27th 2001.

In the era of knowledge economy, market competition stresses greatly on the competition for talents. The establishment of the Post Doctoral Research Station can take full advantages of the higher learning institutions and research centers in employing outstanding talents. By unifying production with knowledge and research, and reducing the disparity between theories and practices, those research achievements could turn into real products faster so as to promote production, R&D and management to an international level, and bring along and cultivate a batch of young and middle-age academic, professional pace-setters and technological backbones.

Since the foundingof the Station, seven doctors entered the Station for working successively and made it became important Station in Heilongjiang Province. During their work in the Station, all the topics are related to the national economic development and the main products in the enterprise, and made many valuable researches in their work. Furthermore, the Station is playing an active role in cultivating more qualified talents, enhancing the company's innovation ability and promoting technological transformations.

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