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Technical Innovation System
Technical Innovation System
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Technical Center of China First Heavy Industries is established in 1993 and is one of the state 40 technical centers which are approved by Economic and Trade Committee of the State, General Tax Bureau of the State, and General Custom Office of the State.

With the 15 years’ development, The Technical Center has established the four stages technology innovation system of “Research, Conversion, Execution and Basic Innovation” in accordance with the principle thoughts of “One Generation in the Conception, One Generation in the Research, One Generation in the Trial-manufacture and One Generation in the Production”. This system makes a preliminary independent innovation capability.

There are 980 technical engineers and research personnel, including 440 senior engineers, 6 doctors, in whom 24 engineers are rewarded Governmental Allowance and 32 engineers are awarded the Honor of the Provincial or Municipal Specialist.

The Office of Technical Center —— is responsible for the preparation of the science and technology development planning, the macro management of scientific research and product development topic, the management of technical innovation system, the construction of technical innovation system and the standardization of intellectual property.

Research stage —— Dalian Design and Research Institute, Tianjin Heavy Equipment National Engineering Research Center, and Tianjin C-E Electrical Automation Co., Ltd.

Dalian Design and Research Institute takes the development and design of new products, dedicating in the design and development as well as the innovation of product.

Tianjin Heavy Equipment National Engineering Research Center is responsible to carry out the research work of technology with forward looking, foundation and common characteristics, detailed in the research and development of new materials, processes, tools and auxiliary fixtures as well as the preparation and edition of standards and processing specifications.

Tianjin C-E Electrical Automation Co., Ltd of CFHI focuses on business in the metallurgical field and promotes the independent innovation and development of domestic industrial automation technologies.

Conversion Stage —— the technical departments of the affiliated sub-companies (BG)

The technical departments of the affiliated sub-companies (BG) take up the research achievement from the research stage into manufacturing technologies in accordance with the production demands based on the related resources.

Execution stage —— the production departments of the affiliated sub-companies (BG)

The production departments of the affiliated sub-companies (BG) follow the instructions and procedures provided from the conversion stage to produce the high quality products at a low cost and high efficiency and solve, coordinate and management the technical problems occurred on the production site.

Basic innovation stage —— the technical innovation and suggestion from all the employees (Workers and management staff)

The Labor Union and the Science and Technology Association are the organization departments for the basic innovation activities. They are responsible for the preparation and organization of basic innovation activities and the related regulations. The basic innovation is the extension and supplement of the scientific innovation system, including the basic innovation activities and reasonable suggestion. The basic innovation activities can be performed widely in the common employees in the means of institutionalization. 

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