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R & D Capability
R & D Capability
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CFHI is capable of performing technological innovation depending upon themselves and the whole standard system. Tianjin Heavy Equipment Engineering Research Co., Ltd. and Dalian Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. are committed to undertaking research and manufacturing of first/initial equipment, new material, new process technology, new tool & auxiliary fixture and new bit tool. So the scientific & technological achievement is turned into an economic reality and sustainable improvement has been obtained on process technology, manufacturing technology, tool and auxiliaries during production.

Casting and Forging Part and Primary System Component within Nuclear Island

Our nuclear power business is underpinned by currently grasped manufacturing technology of casting and forging of main component of primary system of the sencond generation plus nuclear island and critical casting and forging of primary system of the “3rd” nuclear island, and the accreditations and certifications of ASME N and NPT as well as RCCM, France, especially highlighted on manufacturing technology of reactor pressure vessel. CFHI is unique in China, which owns manufacturing performance and technology on both of nuclear casting and forging and RPV.

Heavy Duty Petrochemical Reactor

CFHI not only grasps the manufacturing technology of forge-welded type hot wall hydrogenated reactor, but also owns independent research and development and technology upgrading capability. Some of critical technology has attained the international leading level, such as 2040t coal liquefaction hydrogenated reactor, which is the largest hydrogenated reactor in the world so far.

CFHI has been a leading player in development, research and manufacturing of PTA reactor, ethylene oxide (EO) reactor, large scale heat exchanger and other petrochemical reactors in domestic market, and gained customers’ trust and purchase orders.

Hot Rolling Equipment

Driving continual improvement in all areas of hot rolling equipment enables independent intellectual properties and core technology with the international advanced installation level. Providing the customers with the dedicated resolution based upon sophisticated database package for hot charging, hot conveying, direct rolling technology and other technologies, such as AGC, APC, AWC and AJC in sector of hot strip rolling mill and plate mill. Filling the role of general engineering contractor and with capability of system integration.

Cold Rolling Equipment

CFHI has demonstrated her world-leading knowledge resource in independent integrated design and manufacturing capability in sector of cold rolling mill as well, playing both responsible roles of general technical engineering contractor and system integration in ferrous metal rolling, and design competence of large scale hot/cold aluminum/copper strip/plate rolling mill in nonferrous metal rolling, with the addition of single-stand cold rolling technology, double-stand cold rolling technology, tandem cold rolling mill and other core technologies.

Heavy Duty Forging Equipment

CFHI’s performance on large scale forging press equipment is embodied by successful delivery of 15000T open die hydraulic forging press, 5000T mechanical press, 8000T hot die forging press and so on under independent design and manufacturing.

Moreover, cooperate design gave the birth of slab blanking production line, slab shearing line and full automatic press production line.

Hot die forging press, vertical split die upsetting machine, horizontal split die upsetting machine, die hammer and mechanical press have been designed as the series product. Most of equipments is in domestic leading installation level and fills many voids of heavy forging equipment and large scale punching/stamping machine, partially reach or approach to international advanced level. 

Large Castings and Forgings

CFHI has successfully delivered the large castings and forgings for the subcritical 300~600MW thermal power units, including rotor forgings for turbine and steam turbogenerator, rotor forgings for large steam turbine without center hole and generators as well as the high and low voltage combined rotor forgings, steel castings for the supercritical steam turbines casing, and rotor manufacturing technology for ultra-supercritical steam thermopower-purpose rotors.

CFHI also manufactures the large and critical castings and forgings for huge over 700,000 kw hydropower stations, such as the shaft, runner crown, band and blade, etc. 

Large Back-up Roll

CFHI has owned the manufacture technology of Cr5 and Cr8 steel forging back- up rolls and high speed, high Cr-steel and high Cr-iron centrifugal compound work rolls for hot rolling mill as well as Ø1549mm steel casting back-up rolls.

Large Marine Crankthrow Forging

CFHI has developed the forging manufacturing technology for semi-built crankthrow and received the license certified by MAN B&W of Denmark, the Lloyd’s Register (LR) of Shipping of England and China Classification Society (CCS).

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