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Manufacturing capacity
Manufacturing capacity
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As the global leader of heavy duty Casting and Forging Works sited in Falarji, the annual output enables delivery of molten steel 500,000t, forging parts 240,000 ton and steel castings 60,000 ton , and is capable of supplying 700 ton molten steel , 600t steel ingot, 500 ton steel casting and 400 ton forging at one time.

As heavy duty Petrochemical Reactor and 1000MW Nuclear Power Primary Component Works sited in Dalian, the annual output enables the delivery of main components of primary system of total 5 units 1000MW nuclear island.

As the heavy duty Plant Equipment Works sited in Tianjin, it’s capable of manufacturing the heavy duty plant equipment concerned with thin plate continuous rolling and casting equipment, automobile covering production line, large mining equipment, etc.

On steel melting technology, it’s available for 160t/130t/40t ladle refining furnace, 100t/80t/40t electric furnace, 600t/350t/250t/150t/60t vacuum ingot casting cabinet.

On forging technology, it’s available for 15000t/10000t/6000t open die hydraulic forging press respectively provided with 630t·m/400t·m/200t·m forging manipulator.

On heat treatment technology, it’s available for car type fuel gas furnace, well type fuel gas furnace, differential temperature heat treatment furnace, large open/close type furnace and vertical spray quenching device, etc.

On metal structure technology, it’s available for NC cutting machine, NC plasma under-water cutting machine, narrow-gap welding machine, cladding machine, welding positioner and turn roller, etc.

On mechanical machining technology, it’s available for Ø260mm CNC floor type boring machine, Ø3000mm×14000mm CNC mill roll grinder, 6000mm×18000mm CNC 5-axle link-motioned gantry milling and boring machine, 7000mm×54000mm(Ø6300mm)CNC double-gantry milling and boring machine, Ø16000mm CNC vertical lathe and other machine tools.

On physical & chemical test and measurement & test equipment, two nationally approved measuring labs are equipped with direct-reading spectrograph, 9 Mev electronic linear accelerator, CNC three-coordinates measuring machine, gear tester and other measuring tools.

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